Sweet, sweet MacBook Pro

I finally have my own computer back. Since September-ish, I have been without my beloved MacBook Pro thanks in whole to my 2-year-old and a glass of water. But I finally was able to replace it, and it arrived on Dec. 23. Oh, how much I’ve missed you, my pretty.

And to answer your question: Yes, I’m a huge Apple fan-boy. iPod, iPhone, MacBook. I will most likely get the iSlate when it comes out. But moreover, OS X is by far the best goddamn operating system out there. I DID get to play with Windows 7 for a bit on the notebook I got for my wife, and I’ll admit it’s SO MUCH BETTER than any other iteration of Windows, but it ain’t OS X. Linux is awesome too, but with wonky hardware support for a whole lotta manufacturers’ proprietary guts, it’s annoying. Ever try to get a Dell Mini WLAN 1390 running in Ubuntu? Hope you like the CLI and ndiswrapper. It takes fucking forever. But once it gets going, it’s sweet.

See, with Macs, everything is intuitive. Your computer works how it should from out of the box, with a few notable exceptions. No constant searching for drivers, no real virus threats to speak of, etc.

I am really enjoying being able to bask in the glow of my Mac’s screen and back-lit keyboard right now. Let’s hope my son doesn’t kill this one too… it’d be hard to convince my wife to let me replace it again.