Has it really been 18 days since I last posted?

Jesus. Where have the first 2+ weeks of the year gone? Ohhhh, riiiight. Spanish Language Training @ the National Foreign Affairs Training Center (NFATC). But since they’re going to bring me from an elementary knowledge of Spanish to conversational fluency in 6 months, I guess I can’t complain. ¡Que divertido!

Soooo much has happened since I last posted, most importantly the razing of the city of Port-au-Prince (PaP) by a massive earthquake. My wife and I were really hoping to get down there (she’s an epidemiologist specializing in disaster relief and I have EMT and search and rescue experience), but it looks as if everyone is overwhelmed by offers of support. We’ll be in the DR by September, and the work in PaP won’t be done for many months, if not years. I’m planning to re-up my EMT certs and volunteer in Haiti on a quarterly basis for basic medical treatment (vitals, first aid, etc.) because hopefully I will not have forgotten all of my French after 6 months of intensive Spanish.

On a lighter note, the New England Patriots suck. My favorite Boston supahfan, Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald eloquently coined the events of last weekend as “The Baltimore Bedshitting.” Personally, I was holding back the urge to throw my cold beverage at the TV for most of the game (since I don’t own this TV, this was the prudent course of action). I guess there’s always next year. However, it seems silly to use ye olde Red Sox mantra for the dynasterrific Patriots.

My Spanish classes are going pretty well. I scored a 1 (out of 5) in my informal evaluation right before the holidays, so I wasn’t placed in the “short bus” Spanish classes; but I find myself completely frustrated on a daily basis for lack of ability to say what the hell it is I’m trying to say. 7 semesters of Spanish in college basically doesn’t help at all, especially since I haven’t used any of it in over 10 years.

That’s it for tonight… I’m going to continue to make my week disappear with some fine 8-year-old bourbon. I’ll update when I have time. Thanks for reading.