DR Debrief

Went and spoke with some of our neighbors the other day about life in the DR. He just got back from his tour there, and his wife is Dominican. Very interesting conversation about life in Santo Domingo.

Apparently our neighborhood is nice. That’s good. I am, however, a little worried about the city in general. Like just about anywhere else in the developing world, street crime is rampant – and it’s mostly crimes of opportunity. Best advice I got from our neighbor: NEVER wear headphones in public. It’s not so much that I’m particularly attached to my “stuff” per se, it’s more that I just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting mugged. It sucks. Been there, done that in both Boston and NYC. What will make it THAT MUCH HARDER is that getting a duplicate license/credit card/etc. mailed to me in a foreign country might be just a little bit tricky. Oh well, with great adventure comes great peril.

I really can’t wait to get there, despite the semi-reality check our neighbor gave me. I want out of this god-awful hell-hole better known as Northern Virginia. I want to speak Spanish every day, and as Juan Luis Guerra says, “bailar calipso en la arena, tomando sol”. I want to start our adventure as a family and see what the ex-pat life can offer me that I’ve been missing here. Maybe these are grandiose dreams, but I really feel that our lives are going to be awesome. My son will have lived in at least 8 countries by the time he goes to college, will probably speak at least 3 languages, and have more cultural experience in his pinky than 90% of Americans could gain in a lifetime. This is why I’m excited, this is why I agreed when my wife asked me if I could handle this life.

Let’s get on with it!