Language Test

Language Test? Done.
Results? 2/2.
Happy with the results or process? No. F*cking. Way.
Relieved it’s over? You bet your ass.

I’m done with language testing for the next six months (or more). Test did NOT go as I had hoped, but whatever, it’s not a condition of my employment like it was for my wife. I feel a little like I was discriminated against because I was a bit of a non-traditional student at FSI, but I really can’t complain too much because I got flustered early on and couldn’t recover sufficiently to have much success. Whether this was because it was a hostile environment or because I was just too nervous remains unknown.

I’m upset, but not furious… Disappointed, but not combative. The 2/2 is good enough (officially) for many jobs in the embassy, but is well below my capacity. I know I could have done better than that with more ideal conditions, but unfortunately, I don’t have the option of re-doing this for at least 6 months. I think I was just spooked by the testing conditions and a couple of easy mistakes. After that it was all down-hill. Without giving too much away about the test, it was like this:

I was in a small room with 2 individuals (native Spanish speakers). The temperature in there was about 95 degrees. I was to speak casually for 5 minutes about social topics, transition into more complex current-event-related topics, then give a presentation about a topic of my choice. After this, I had to do an interview with a native speaker about a chosen topic and report back the results. Then there was the reading section: 6 short articles followed by 2 longer ones, with me summarizing them all with varying levels of details.

None of this was particularly difficult, but for whatever reason, I tanked on it. All of it.

My hope is that I will come back from the DR after 2 years, test again, and achieve a much higher score….. or at least one that reflects accurate;y my abilities in Spanish. Today sure as hell did not.

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