Vacation was sweet….

Took a little break the last 2 weeks up in Cape Cod, MA with my son. You may or may not have noticed. It was the last opportunity to see my family for a while, and it was all a little more emotional that I thought it would be. Oh well… everything’s a bit of a roller-coaster these days with departure looming only 3 weeks out.

We’re in the final countdown. Movers did the walk-through today, we’re working on getting everything together to ship our car, buying lots of stuff, etc. Some interesting notes:

1) In VA, they have electronic titles. Request your copy well in advance. They take 6-8 weeks to send a paper copy to you or your lein-holder. We discovered, however, that a Transcript of Official Vehicle Record may be used in its place. This was $13 at the DMV and a much smaller headache.

2) Shipping pets sucks. Be sure to check with the Consulate of your destination country here in D.C. before shipping for all regulations. The D.R., for instance, requires rabies vaccinations at least 30 days out, but an International Health Certificate within 10 days of travel. Your country will be different. Trust me. Find this all out first, unlike our neighbor who just left for Macedonia.

3) Even if you think you’ll be OK leaving your family… you won’t. Unless you don’t have good relationships there, it’s a tough process. I’m excited to be going to new places, but also kinda worried about leaving my support network so far behind. I’ve always been within a few hours’ drive or a quick flight from the fam. Now? Not so much. And it worries me.

That’s about it for now… a week at the beach rejuvenated me enough to get me through the next few weeks. Then I think the adrenaline will get me through.


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  1. Hello,
    I just found myself in the same situation you were in as far as shipping a vehicle from the US to an overseas post. I purchased one in Virginia while there for training last month and am currently on home leave in Florida – while my vehicle remains at a friends home in DC. My transportation counselor said that the “Transcript of official vehicle record” would not be accepted by US Customs to export my vehicle if I obtained it online. Do you have any additional advice on how you got it to work out for you?
    I hope you enjoy Surabaya. I was there just before the consulate moved to the new building. It is like night and day between the two locations.
    By the way, love the blog.

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