Sitting in the airport, waiting for a plane…

Today’s the day. We’re currently in DCA waiting for our flight to MIA, then on to Puerto Rico for a couple of days before our journey to the DR is complete on Thrusday.

Random thoughts and observations:

1) Only having what we can shove into 5 suitcases, 3 carry-ons, and 2 briefcases is weird. Hope we didn’t forget anything.

2) Checking bags @ DCA on American Airlines is like herding cattle. We used the kiosk, got called up to the front, and the dude was barking at me to get my bags up more quickly as my wife was wrangling our toddler. Meanwhile, people were crowding up behind me because they were impatient. Why can’t diplomats fly first-class anymore?

3) Use Super Shuttle’s “Executive SUV Service”. For $125 (and $20 tip), we had a private Suburban w/ uniformed chauffeur whisk us and our bags to the airport.

4) No free Wi-Fi in DCA? Please. Currently tethering my iPhone and using its connection. Not really helpful for travelers. Even Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT has free Wi-Fi. Come on, DCA, I expect better.

In about 8 hours, we’ll be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’ll have a nice dinner, put the kid to bed, and probably crash ourselves. Traveling is exhausting.

See you on the other side!

1 thought on “Sitting in the airport, waiting for a plane…

  1. Yep, cheapest is AT&T’s at $7.95 per day at DCA. Even Dulles has open connections at Concourse B. I hope MWAA’s reading this and set up a few free WiFi hotspots in DCA.

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