Hurry Up and Wait

Seems this is what I can resign my life to here in the Dominican Republic: waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Our UAB and HHE are in-country, but we have to wait for them to clear customs. Our house doesn’t need any repairs/painting on the interior, but we have to wait for the electric company to repair the line to the pole. Our car is in Florida now, but we have to wait for it to be loaded on a boat and brought here. We need cell phones, but to get real service we need our cédulas, and guess what? we have to wait for those.

Most of this stuff is out of our control, but it’s still annoying. It’s really difficult to explain to a 2 1/2 year old (with whom we spent a lot of time explaining our move) that the house we’re in right now is not our permanent one, and that we need to wait for the new one to be ready. It would be nice to have our house, car, stuff, and some semblance of stability in our lives. It really continues to feel like we’re existing in some limbo/purgatory state without all of our stuff. I hate to be materialistic, but without certain things, it’s impossible to make a house feel homey. We have toys for our son that he hasn’t seen in a year, I have none of my books, and a good amount of my kitchen equipment is still in transit. Once I get my “stuff” again, and set everything up, I’ll feel better (i.e. surrounded by familiar, comfortable things in a foreign environment).

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