Snowmageddon 2, Electric Boogaloo

No, not here. Though that wouldn’t surprise me….

Talking about the “bombogenesis” happening in New England starting early tomorrow morning. My parents are currently nervously checking flight times in PVD on their way to SAT with a 30-minute layover. Will they make it? Who knows. Winter in New England, I guess.

In D.C. last year, we got over 60 inches of snow in 2 storms. It was freakin’ chaos. I can’t say I miss it. While a 30-minute rainstorm can cripple this city, at least it’s gone in 30 minutes and it never dips below 70 degrees. New England is perhaps better prepared for snow than DC was last winter, but large snowstorm after large snowstorm can tax even the best-prepared regions.

What’s my point? Happy to live in the Dominican Republic right now. Happy to be going surfing in 80-degree waters this coming weekend. Happy that the lowest temperature I’ll see here in Santo Domingo will be about 68 degrees. And happy that if I want colder temps, all I have to do is drive 2+ hours to Jarabacoa or Costanza to experience temps in the 40s again. Life is good.

While I miss the snow (some), I do not miss the cold and inconvenience that comes with the snowpocalypses that seem to be the norm in New England these days. It’s nice to read the Facebook statuses from my friends there from my back patio in 80-degree temps. It’s nice to watch the storms unfold on radar from my nicely air-conditioned house, looking forward to spending the weekend basking in the Caribbean sun. It’s nice to wear shorts and a tee-shirt whilst running errands in this crazy city.

So, good luck, suckahs. Enjoy shoveling the snow in CT/MA/RI, and I’ll think fondly of your efforts from balmy Santo Domingo.


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