Superbowl cuarenta y cinco

Since my team (very NSFW language) wasn’t playing this year, I didn’t really care too much about the game, other than the fact that I really wished that the Steelers would lose. Sorry to any Pittsburgh fans out there in the FS blogosphere, but I can’t stand the black-and-gold. Not as much hatred as for the Fish and the Jets, but close.

So we had 2 viewing options last night for the Superbowl: Fox Sports and ESPN Int’l. Fox was in Spanish and ESPN had the English-language feed from Fox in the U.S. Choosing between listening to Spanish commentators and having to listen to Joe Buck and his particular brand of stupid was difficult, but English won out. My choice was rewarded with gems like Buck comparing Aaron Rogers to Tom Brady (TFB) and basically Buck and Aikman having about as much energy for the game as one might find at a funeral. Apparently, I’m not alone (more NSFW language)

To add insult to injury, we also had to deal with the COMPLETE LACK OF US COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!? Pissed off barely begins to scratch the surface of how I felt when treated to the first in-game break and ads for miracle Mexican weight-loss drugs, Western union, and other sh*t commercials. Half the fun is watching the horrible, terribly-expensive-to-produce-and-air commercials during the big game. However, most of the reports I have read have the general public (and several advertising bloggers) relatively non-plussed. I can still watch them on teh intarwebz, but it’s not the same. We also had to miss the PuppyBowl. Ugh. Sometimes I hate living abroad.

The Superbowl, I had hoped, would have been a good, all-American experience for me here to remind me of home. Instead, it was different. Just like everything else here is just a little different. Sure, we have the same brands, cars, fast-food, etc., but Dominican (and Latino, for that matter) culture is just slightly shifted from U.S. culture so that it feels weird. Like a bad knock-off purse or a Magnetbox, Panaphonics or Sorny (I could only find the Spanish dub).

Well, at least I have the Internet, baseball season is coming, and most of my “American” needs can be met through Amazon, Netflix, and fast food. The life of a Foreign Service family, I guess.