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Yes, I’m guilty of it too. Seems like a lot of people are neglecting their blogs these days. Somewhere in the vicinity of 30-40% of the posts I’ve read in the Google Reader FS blog aggregate are along the lines of, “Oh my god, it’s been x weeks?” Whatever… we’ve all got places to go, people to see, stuff to do.

Like my man Jim Anchower always says, “Hola, amigos. What up? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but things got crazy, if you know what I mean.” Basically, I’ve spent the last few weeks agonizing over the dilemma of “to work or not to work?” After beating a dead horse for what seemed like forever, my decision was made for me yesterday. My clearance actually came through only 2 days after the target date, and my boss was ecstatic, calling my wife and asking her when I could start. Mind you, neither HR nor DSS informed me of this new development, so my boss and wife found out about my clearance before I did. Neat, huh?

Anyways, I’ve decided to take the job, as it’s the right thing to do “diplomatically” speaking. Yes, it’s clerical. Yes, the logistics are going to suck to arrange (especially with summer vacation coming). But, on the flip side, yes, it’s extra money. Yes I have a clearance. Yes, we’ll be able to do a lot more than we would have been able to do one only one salary.

It’ll be nice to get out of the house, nice to deal with adults for a while each day, and it’ll be nice to not have to stretch our money so far. So, there’s good and there’s bad. Same with any job. Such is life.

Recent events:

-Kentucky Derby get-together with some friends. Frantically searched for a live stream of it for about an hour. Finally found it, served some Kentucky burgoo over corn bread and, of course, mint juleps (trust me when I say there’s no place for muddling in a julep).

-Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour, or Why Dave Only Drinks Tequila Once A Year.

-Mother’s Day Brunch in the mountains overlooking San Cristobal. View of the mountains and the Caribbean in the distance? Gorgeous. German restaurant with Dominican-German food? Meh. What kind of German restaurant is out of almost all their German beers. Isn’t that their draw?

-Drive to Constanza and the mountains to the south with the Director General and Lead Botanist of the Jardin Botanico Nacional. Beautiful country, cool temperatures, absolute sh*t roads. I could easily live there full-time. 80s by day, lows as low as 25 at night (during Dec. and Jan.). Did you know some of the rivers ice over at night in the Dominican Republic? Neither did I.

-Skipped school to go to the beach today. So much better. Aidan and I had a blast. I’m going to miss proximity to the beach when we move to our onward assignment. Wherever the hell that is.

-R & R planning is in full effect. Looking at mid- to late-August for a trip back to the States. If you’re in CT, NY, MA, NH, or RI and want to catch up… LMK. Limited time, but I see at least a day in both Boston and NYC as well as some time on the CT shoreline and the Cape. Shake Shack, Cafe Habana, Pepe’s, Bar, Azu, Shady Glen, Chez Henri, Nick’s House of Pizza, PJ’s, and a few others will be on the list (I hope). I plan to gain 10 lbs. in our time home. Will be at least another year before I get any of that food again.

Oh, and my good friend Anne arrives this Sunday! She’s here for a week! Fun! Sun! Punta Cana! Hooray!

Here’s to work, clearances, and days at the beach instead of school.


2 thoughts on “Blog neglect

  1. I would say that German food is delicious, perhaps that’s an acquired taste. But being out of Hefeweißen is sacrilege for any establishment that wants to consider itself German. That’s like the time I went to McDonalds and they were out of ketchup. WTF?

    So you are going back to work! Can’t wait to discuss this over rum…

    Hey – I made the blog! I’m FAMOUS.

  2. Have you heard Stevie Nick’s new album?

    For some reason it reminds me of you. Odd.

    Tonight, at the Astros-Mets game, I saw the wildest thing: bottom of the ninth, runner on second, two outs, full count to Carlos Lee. This guy hops on to the field about halfway between first base and the right field foul pole – maybe a bit closer to first – and takes off towards center. He makes it easily into deep center unharassed, headed for the hill, when the bullpen security guy establishes himself in front of him. Dude stops, measures the guard, does a simple double fake and runs past the confused guard up onto the hill and jumps up on to the black tarp between the jasmine hitter’s eye and the Budweiser bar. He bounds up the tarp until he’s confronted by another guard streaming from the side from the Budweiser bar. The guy turns, leaps up and catches the garden rim of the jasmine hitter’s eye, and hoists himself up just before the guard can grab his legs. He runs up the jasmine, and leaps over the wall which is the top of the homerun alley timeline – at least a fifteen foot drop – to a standing and well-earned ovation.

    I don’t know what happened to him after that. I like to think he hit the ground running, and made it out through the centerfield exit, but he easily could have broken his leg or sprained his ankle on the fall. Either way, it was an amazing, utterly jackass, incredible effort.

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