FSOT: Skipped!

I know you all have been eagerly anticipating my debriefing after the FSOT I signed up for….. well, you’ll have to wait longer. The test was scheduled for June 4 here in Santo Domingo, and wouldn’t you know it, that day was also my birthday. So no long-ass test is going to get in the way of going to see “Rio” in Spanish with my son and his little friend, eating crappy fast-food before that, and staying out far too late that night (and possibly babysitting a decidedly-drunk, non-birthday boy).

I’m kind of still on the fence about the whole FSO thing… I thought the test would be “fun” to take, much like the LSATs were “fun” when I took them in 2006. It’d be nice to have the option of joining the Foreign Service, but I still am not sure where I’d fit. Management seems like a good fit, but Consular work is very interesting, and I do like a lot of aspects of PD. Probably good that I didn’t take the test to be branded Management when I’m not really positive it’s what I want to do. And Conal Rectification sounds painful (as well as dirty… seriously DoS?).

Right now I’m happy being a trailing spouse, err, EFM, err, whatever the hell I am.