Let’s be honest….

…Will I ever be a prolific blogger? Nope. Not a chance.

My blog, for all intents and purposes, is a means to communicate a little about our life overseas to those who care to read about it (I’m looking at you, Mom). Sometimes I wax poetic about things that strike my fancy, there are times in which I may actually give some decent insight to what like is like in a Foreign Service Family (FSF), and sometimes I’m really only scratching my itch to produce something on paper (well, a computer screen, but let’s not split hairs).

I read a lot of blogs. Some have a single purpose (Serious Eats, The Wednesday Chef, Consumerist, Lifehacker) . Some are interesting reads into life and politics in the FS (Life after Jerusalem, Email from the Embassy, Diplopundit, The Pearlman Update). Some are guilty pleasures (Texts from Last Night, Hyperbole and a Half, Wonkette). Some are leftovers from my former jobs (TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Agency Spy, Adscam/The Horror!, Make the Logo Bigger). Almost all of them interest me on some level.

I hope that my blog interests someone on some level. In my glamorous life as a trailing spouse there has to be something of interest to talk about, right? The truth is, lately there hasn’t been. Our life here is just like our life would be in the States, or Europe, or the Middle East (OK, we have fewer ordered departures and revolutions happening), or Africa. We deal with all the same issues any family would deal with, except we do so in a foreign language with our support network (family and friends) far, far away. Luckily, no huge challenges have met us yet, and we continue to live like a normal, middle-class family.

One of the reasons I like reading the FS blog network is that I know that no matter what happens to us while living overseas, it’s happened to someone else in the past. Medical emergencies, deaths, financial crises, evacuations, disasters, robberies, violence, EERs, EFM employment issues, clearance issues, cultural differences, interesting culinary tales? Check. Our ability to band together and support each other in this community is uncanny. If I were to have a problem I couldn’t solve on my own or with the help of my family, I’m positive I’d be able to reach out to the FS Blog community for help. These are people I’ve never met, mind you (or at least I think I’ve never met), but I like to think that they’re my extended family. I read about their trials and tribulations, they (hopefully) read about mine, and we’re all in it together (though sometimes separated by huge geographical distances).

Every day my RSS feed is graced by their presences—some with more frequency than others. There are certain blogs that it brings a smile to my face just to see that they have been updated. There are many “Starred Items” in my Google Reader that come from the FS blogs. But with each word I read, the more I know that our little family here in Santo Domingo is part of a much larger, globally-disparate group with stronger ties than most nuclear families.

So, basically, thanks. Thanks to each and every FS blogger out there. Thanks for sharing, thanks for “being there”, thanks for your opinions and experiences. Without the blogs, I think I’d feel a little more lost.

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  1. = )

    I have me a “trailing spouse” and he hates me at the moment. Your blog gives me hope that it will get better!

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