On hurricanes and earthquakes….

…since we will have had both during our R&R in New England. It’s like the Dominican Republic is pissed we left and is sending its natural disasters to punish us.

The earthquake was minimal…. I barely felt it in Westport, CT (but I chalk that up to the fact that I was walking at the time it struck), but my wife told me it shook the hell out of the car. Apparently NYC came to an end, DC blew up, and the Cali folks are laughing down their upturned noses at our pitiful frenzy over such a small tremble. Whatever, California… we’re clearly not as cool as you here in CT. But, hey, at least some of the states in New England have a budget surplus!

Hurricane Irene has triggered the French Toast Alert System in the summer for the first time in my memory. I like the addition of rum to the list of supplies… good thing we brought some from the D.R.

Looking like we’re going to get a bulls-eye here in SE CT. Wish us luck.

See you on the other side.

2 thoughts on “On hurricanes and earthquakes….

  1. Hahaha! As native CA, I did giggle. Then again we panic when we see frost and call it snow. The earthquake hit Peru as well…what is going on!

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