¡Ay, un temblor!

Woah, earthquake! 1 year, 363 days after the Port-au-Prince earthquake, we woke up to shaking. Nothing huge, but enough to make me wonder if I was actually awake. It was a 5.3 quake, or “un temblor” in the vernacular. 55 km west of the city. Lasted about 7-10 seconds. Not particularly scary, we had a worse one right before departing for post, and my wife said the intensity was about the same as she felt in CT during the VA quake last summer. Ho-hum.

The thing that was not ho-hum was the response on the intarwebs. My personal favorite of the bunch: “Hay solo dos cosas que les pueden despertarse a los Dominicanos en la madrugada: el olor de cebollas para el mangú y un temblor.” Translation, “There’s only two things that can wake a Dominican in the early morning: the smell of onions for mangú and an earthquake.” Lulz. Apparently many people also took to the streets at the beginning of the shaking, grabbing whatever they could. That, I would have liked to see.

So, yeah. Going to check the emergency kits and get the documents together. They were all checked in June before Hurricane Season, but better safe than sorry. It also reminded me that we need a new first aid kit, as the supplies were slowly depleted over the past 17 months both by my tendency to injure myself and by a small child who thought band-aids and the likes were fun toys.

It’s funny how the threat of disaster in the developing world has me scrambling to shore up our emergency preparedness plans and kits, but the same thing in the States would just have me shrugging my shoulders. You get used to the safety net in the U.S., I guess, and can let your guard down. I don’t think I’ll ever be without a survival kit for the rest of my life, regardless of our location.

Well, that’s my adventure for the day (hopefully).

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