Wake me when it’s over…

Today is Nov. 2, and there are 5 more days of the presidential election cycle.  That’s 5 more days of being bombarded by political ads everywhere I look.  5 more days of having my Facebook and RSS feeds clogged with political drivel.  5 more days of having to listen to every news organization breathlessly report on the latest 0.0001% shift for whichever candidate in Ohio, Virginia, or North Carolina.

I can’t stand it anymore.  I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on the 7th (with my candidate having won, natch), or better yet, be overseas again where the elections in the U.S. get marginal coverage and the real events of the world (Syria, Mali, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iran, and the Eurozone crisis) actually get air time.  Because, let’s face it folks: the events happening outside of our borders and messed-up political system are the ones that really matter.  What happens elsewhere in the world will have a huge effect on the United States and our economy, despite our head-in-the-sand attempts to ignore it.

Yes, I care who wins.  No, I will not tell you who that is—though if you know me you already know.  Yes, I think that one candidate is better for my wife’s job security and our personal security while serving overseas.  Will I lose sleep over the results of the election?  Probably, but we do indeed serve at the pleasure of the President (whoever that turns out to be).

I have tried to keep my political musings out of this blog and my Facebook feed, admittedly with less success on Facebook.  However, my Facebook feed has been blowing up with political rants and propaganda from friends near and far.  I have judiciously hidden some of the lesser offenders and de-friended some of the worst.  I have also noticed that, except for a select few, my friends share my political leanings.  It’s really interesting how we tend to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals rather than seek out opposing views for some welcome contrast.

Also, if you’ve never lived in a swing state, you should count yourself as one of the Lucky Ones.  Here in Virginia 60–70% of all TV ads over the past month-plus have been political.  Seriously.  It’s getting old.  I had taken to watching TV on the internet (Hulu, Comedy Central, etc.), but the political ads have infiltrated teh interwebz as well.  Gah!  Get me out of here!

Regardless, it all ends Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning I’ll either be beaming with happiness or crying into my Cheerios.  But at least the political ads will be over, and that is the most important thing in our election cycle: the end of the goddamn ads.