My first week of language training was….

….non-existent.  I went in Monday for orientation despite the beginnings of a cold rearing its ugly head.  Sat thru the administrative stuff (no, it didn’t change since September, though there’s rumors of a new intro video being produced, so you have that to look forward to), sat through the Thai/Indonesian orientation, sat through the Indonesian orientation/goal setting, went home at noon, didn’t go back again last week.

That lovely cold took me and Son out this week in the worst way.  Missed 4 days of training, Son missed 5 days of school.  104-degree fevers and a hacking cough kept us worried and Son up all night most nights.  A nasty sore throat and sinus pressure-qua-infection kept me miserable and out of class.  We’re finally feeling better, but now the Wife has it.  Hooray for infectious diseases in close-knit communities!  As the director of Son’s school told me, “There’s something going around.”  Thanks for that tidbit!

So, I missed week 1 of 8 in Indonesian training.  But I made 500 flash cards, and think I can recall about 50 of them.  I can also put basic sentences together: Saya orang Inggris.  Saya punya istri.  Nama istri saya Joanne.  Saya tinggal di Oakwood di Falls Church.  Saya mau perjalanan ki Indonesia.  Good times.  Tidak buruk.

Despite feeling like death this week, I was at least a little productive in learning.  So that’s nice.  I was totally off the cooking bandwagon, however, and we mostly scrounged for food in Chez Expat Chef when we weren’t getting delivery or take-out.  Did manage to pull together a taco salad on Friday with an amazing creamy cilantro-lime dressing.  Mmm-mmm.

Still feeling the effects of being sick for a full week, that’s about all the blog-posting goodness I have in me.  You’ll have to wait until next week when I’m on the verge of suicide from the EPAP application process (I passed the writing exam, natch) and beating my head against my Kamus Bahasa Indonesia for another post.  It may even be whinier than this one.