Another pack-out survived

This one was not horrible, but could have been better.  It would have been stellar if the movers hadn’t arrived a full 2 hours early.  We could have used that time for a lot more organization.

Despite the hectic 45 minutes of UAB prioritization, we only visually over-estimated it by 80 lbs., and thus I had to sacrifice my media PC and some kitchen tools in order for Son’s toys to make it in, but that’s what we do in the FS… make the kids’ transitions easier.  I think we’ll probably end up mailing a medium (30-40 lbs.) package via DPO of linens, extra baggage weight we won’t immediately need, etc. in order to stay under the 50 lbs. airline restriction (however, up to 70 lbs. only runs us another $60 per piece, so if postage gets expensive, maybe we’ll just eat that $60 for one fewer errand on our agenda).

So, that said, our stuff is en route, and we’re leaving on a jet plane in just a few days.  I can truly say that I am not looking forward to 14 hours in a flying tube, but that’s the price we pay.  Maybe one day we’ll have accumulated enough miles for upgrades all around.  A boy can dream…

I’ll most likely be checking in from our rest stop, only because of its sheer awesomeness, but don’t expect anything but pictures and semi-coherent words… jet-lag is a beeyotch for me, and if my flight to London with Son is any indication of this flight, there will be little sleep for anyone but him (H is for Hell).  Thank god for drugs… (for ME, not him).

Surabaya, ready or not, here we come!