5 weeks in…

I’m sitting here in my lovely, empty house wondering when my stuff is going to arrive.  We were told UAB is in Surabaya (woot!) and was slated to be delivered this week (double woot!), but needed final customs/port clearance to be released and delivered.  And, guess what… It’s Ramadan.  Soooo, maybe I’ll see UAB after Idul Fitri?  Hmm.

HHE from both the D.R. and D.C. are in-country (woot! again), but need to get to Surabaya, be cleared through customs and/or port processes, released, and delivered.  Again, it’s Ramadan, and I’m less hopeful that we’ll be in the projected time-frame (early August) for delivery.  Indeed.

Regardless, I’m pretty happy here.  We’ve already been to Bali (Wife needed to do a little work at the Consular Agency there), and while I was underwhelmed overall, it really is a beautiful place.  For me, there was too much traffic, too many people, and too much trash.  It reminded me a bit of the D.R. in that the natives seemed indifferent to just tossing the empty whatever into the street or onto the beach, and of course the tourists followed suit (or maybe vice versa… maybe the tourists started the littering epidemic and the Balinese just gave up on trying to keep things clean… saya tidak tahu).  I think my trips to Bali will be to the north of the island (less crowded, cleaner, quieter), or to the touristy areas for surfing only (there are FANTASTIC waves there that I’m dying to get out on).

Next week we head to Jakarta for a few days (consultations), and I’m interested to see how the other 99 percent lives.  By that, I mean the poor souls who are at the Embassy there (Jakarta is notoriously busy, dirty, and crowded).  It’ll be great to see some of our colleagues from D.C. training, but I’m sure after 3-4 days I’ll be anxious to get back to the relative quiet of Surabaya.  We’ll have Commissary privileges there (awesome… I’ll be bringing an extra suitcase just for that), and I’ll get to see a lot of the places we learned about in language training.

On another note, I’m interviewing for the CLO position here at post… wish me luck!  Since it’s a really small post, and I basically have done the work before at the university level, I’m hopeful, but rather than jinx myself, maybe I’ll be blogging again soon with good news about it?  It’s a part-time position, so maybe I’ll be able to augment those hours with another part-time position and feel like a productive member of society again.  Insha’Allah, I guess.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy the great food here, pleasant weather, and our beautiful neighborhood and house.  Once we get some of our stuff, I’ll try to post some pictures of our domicile (interior only, natch).  We’re also trying to figure out what to do with our backyard… I wanted a Balinese garden setting, but that may just be a little too expensive.  Now we’re thinking of a large-ish water wall with a seating area and some nice tropical plants and flowers.  Something relaxing, something eye pleasing, and something personal.  Luckily we have a really accommodating landlord who has more or less given us the green light to personalize the space as we see fit (up to and including a pool if we want!).

Off to write a quick post on some of the delicious Indonesian food we’ve eaten thus far on The Expat Chef… Check over there for updates!


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  1. Good luck on the CLO position! I’ve been CLO-ing it up for a year now, in Chengdu, and have not only had a great time, but learned a massive amount about both State and human nature. 🙂

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