Merry New Year!

Another two months without a peep from this blog…. seems to be the norm nowadays.  That doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening, it just means that I’m too damn unmotivated to write anything of substance.  Let’s recap the last 2 months, shall we?

1)  Halloween: Son went as a ninja.  There were two Trick-or-Treat events… one for school on Halloween, the other on Friday night, so no bedtimes were really enforced.  We had the only (albeit melted) American candy in the neighborhood, so our house was popular.  I also loaded a cooler full of Bintang and ice, so the adults got some “treats” as well.  We turned it into a block party.  Hoo-ray.

2)  Thanksgiving: For the first time in about as far back as I can remember, we went out to eat for Thanksgiving.  The Sheraton in Surabaya had a Thanksgiving dinner, and while it didn’t match my usual feasts in flavor explosions or variety, I didn’t have to do any dishes.  Hoo-ray.

3)  Early R&R: I went back to the States for a whirlwind tour of the West Coast, with the ultimate reason being that I took the orals for a DSS Special Agent position.  Out of 12,000 candidates, I made it to the orals (~500 total interviewed), but didn’t make it through them.  Looking back on this, it’s better for me, my family, and my wife’s career that it worked out this way.  Boo and hoo-ray.

4)  Christmas: Son had a blast.  He also got a lot of cool s**t.  We now need to cull some of his older toys clandestinely so we’re not over weight on our pack-out.  Ho-ho-ho!

5)  New Year’s Eve: My boyhood dream was realized in about $150 worth of fireworks.  The kids were thrilled, no one lost any limbs, and the adults got sufficiently sauced on duty-free Veuve Clicquot in $50 per stem champagne glasses.  Classy.

6)  We discovered an AMAZING Italian restaurant here in Surabaya today thanks to Son’s principal at school.  A Genoese chef, fabulous Northern Italian cuisine, and Neapolitan pizza.  Everything was delicious, and four of us ate (with a bottle of wine) for about $100.  I see many a return trip there in our future.  Ciao!

2014 is shaping up to be good… We’re furiously attacking the “expected openings” lists and strategizing to find our next post.  Lobbying starts in February, and bidding in early Summer.  EAP, NEA, AF (northern), and WHA are all in the cards.

Merry New Year to all, and I hope this post finds everyone well.