Sorry, I can’t make the FSOT… I broke my toe. Yeah…. that’s the ticket!

Well, dear readers, I signed up for the FSOT again, which was administered on February 5th at the Embassy in Jakarta.  Did I actually sit for the exam?  If you guessed “no”, then you win a prize.

See, I had the tickets booked, a couch lined up to crash on, and had been studying up on the areas I was weakest in on the three practice tests I took.  I had even begun packing for the overnight in Jakarta!  So, enter Monday morning, and I’m hosting an early-morning Super Bowl coffee and donuts party in my capacity as CLO.  7:30 a.m. rolls around, and the game isn’t terribly interesting, so I tell my son to put his shoes on for the walk to school.  I am walking behind him to get my shoes, and he stops short in front of me.  This being me we’re talking about, so of course I stub my left pinky toe on his heel, hear an audible “pop”, and immediately feel excruciating pain in my left foot.  Great.

I asked my housekeeper to walk him to school, and I load up on Aleve and put my foot up to watch the rest of the game, hoping it’s only a sprain or some other minor injury.  Fast-forward to that night, and my toe is still throbbing like hell, is getting pretty discolored, but there’s no real swelling.  I try to get some sleep, but every time I move my leg, a wave of pain washes over me.  I want to barf each time, it’s so bad.  I reach for one of my hoarded painkillers from my shoulder surgery, and finally fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and there’s no improvement.  I figure, what the heck, I’ll drag out the crutches, throw my stuff into a backpack, ditch the idea of bringing back Commissary goods, and go take the test.  I try to get out of bed, and again with the pain.  My wife looks at me and suggests I postpone the test.  I think for a few, and agree with her, as I’ll definitely NOT be at my best.  I decide to go back to sleep for a little while, and then go to the Emergency Room for x-rays.  Sure enough, the first bone in my little toe is snapped clean in half, diagonally from the top right to the lower left.  It’s a pretty nasty break, actually.  But, since it’s a toe, all they can do is “buddy tape” it to the next toe.  Great… now I get to limp around without even a cast to score any sympathy points.

I met with the RMO the next morning, who coincidentally happened to be in Surabaya, and we agreed that the course of treatment was the right one.  I’ll have another set of films taken in 4 weeks to see how the healing is progressing, but luckily the fracture wasn’t too badly displaced.  If those x-rays don’t show much improvement, it’s probably off to Singapore for some screws to be put in.  I’ve decided, however, that with a six year-old kid and two dogs constantly running around the house, I’m going to use an air-cast that I borrowed, just to protect my toe from accidental kicks, steppings-on, and such.

Looking at the whole scenario now, my taking the FSOT now in either June or October will actually work out better, timing-wise, if I just so happen to be invited to Orals.  This past administration would have probably involved me having to fly back to the States alone again to take the Orals in D.C.  With a later test date, there’s a greater possibility of the dates syncing up with either our departure from Post or a greater possibility of being able to sync up as a tandem if I’m somehow invited into an A-100.

So, while my excuse sounds bogus, I have the x-rays to prove it!  Honest!